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BigFoot Tire Kits for ATV's and Utility Quads
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atv bigfoot kit & surefoot tires

With Essex SureFoot tires you are in for a whole new ride!

Enhance the offroad capability of your ATV or Utility Quad with the strength and long-wear durability of Essex SureFoot Tires.

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SureFoot Testimonial

"This is the best mud tire we've ever tested."
ATV Illustrated.
This is not another ATV balloon tire! With Kevlar-belted runflat performance and sidewall reinforcement, SureFoot tires will take you where you want to go...and bring you home again.

Essex Bigfoot Lift Kits & SureFoot tires add ground clearance, improved traction and stability allowing you to take on rugged terrain that stopped you before. Essex developed SureFoot tires rated at 1,190 lbs. for today's heavier ATVs and loaded Utitlity Vehicles.

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  Why choose Essex SureFoot tires?
Today's bigger 4 wheelers and Utility Vehicles require tires that carry more load and resist punctures better. Typical ATV tires are low pressure balloon tires with soft sidewalls for comfortable riding. They need to be overinflated, aren't stable on side hills and are more vulnerable to puncture with heavy weight loads. We have designed tires especially for these increased loads. With reinforced sidewall stability and Kevlar belted runflat puncture protection....Essex' "Surefoot" brand is made specifically for todays heavily laden Utility Quads and dressed 500+cc ATV's - to Take you where you want to go; and Bring you Back...
  Essex offers tires that match your needs:  
SureFoot Tires come mounted on economical 12 x 7 Steel wheels in your choice of silver or black. An upgrade to Lightweight Cast Aluminum wheels is optional.
  NEW SureFoot T-HAWK Tires  [top ]
The HAWK is the new tire in our SureFoot tire line. It features a bi-directional, smooth ride for both on and off-road use, Kevlar belting, reinforced sidewalls, tough stubble guard tractor tire rubber and low, 12psi, inflation. It is designed to handle most terrain and with its high percent of rubber on the ground, it will outperform and outlast most of the tires in the market.
  27" & 25" Inch SureFoot Tires  [top ]
For the best off-road performance in mud, snow and rocks choose the 25" or 27" Essex SureFoot. Based on the proven 589MT tread pattern, this 6ply tire has been specially designed and tested for today's heavy ATV and Utility Vehicles. Featuring run flat performance with Kevlar puncture protection, 1190 lb load rating (1115lb for the 25"), reinforced sidewalls for safe traversing and 1 1/8" lugs that eat up any terrain yet run fairly smooth on hard surfaces.
  26" Inch SureFoot Tires   [top ]
For the less aggressive performance in mud, snow and rocks choose the 26" Essex Surefoot tire.This 6ply tire has been specially designed and tested for today's heavy ATV and Utility Vehicles. It features KEVLAR belting, 1150 lb load rating, reinforced sidewalls for safe traversing and 5/8" lugs that have medium traction but are very smooth running on turf and hard surface.
  26" Titan Multitracs   [top ]
These 26-12-12 tires are 6-ply to carry heavy ATVs safely. The Titan Multitracs provide a stable, smooth ride with a light footprint and feature hard rubber that wears well. This tire was originally developed for heavy commercial mowers. An economical SureFoot choice for ATV's used on turf.
  Street Radial Kits   [top ]
Hard surface tire kit for smooth pavement running features long lasting 4-ply steel belted radials on 14" wheels. Standard 195R-65-14 Kit or, Premium 235R-60-14 kit for increased stability and longer life on heavy payload vewhicles. Best choice for UTVs used on pavement. Steel and Aluminum Wheel kits available
  Choice of Wheels   [top ]

ITP DELTA STEEL: Light weight "D" Window design, 35% stronger than OEM wheels. Available in Silver of Black Powdercoat. Size 12x7
ITP TYPE 4: One piece Aluminum wheel, light in weight and manufactured to rigorous QS 9000 specs. Available in machined and black finishes. Size 12x7
ITP C-SERIES TYPE 7: Available in three finishes, highly polished with black accents, powdercoat with machined accents, or all chrome. Size 12x7
ITP SS108: Light aluminum wheels, built with Advancecast process. Diamond cut machined finish, or Satin Black finish. Size 12x7
  “I got the  lift kit and tires on my Mule and am very satisfied with your product. I am absolutely amazed at the difference in the machine. I mentioned to you how disappointed I was with the 2wd Mule. Any kind of mud or wet uphills and I would stick it right now. You said that 4wd wasn’t really necessary but I thought perhaps that was just a bit of salesmanship. Went out yesterday for the first time after the kit was on just to see. We have had a bit of rain lately and it is pretty muddy. Went to the place where I usually get stuck the easiest and went thru without a problem. Then spent the next hour looking for the steepest. muddiest stuff I have and I never could get stuck. On the really steep stuff I used the diff lock and I never even broke thru the grass. Went places that I would never try my 4wd tractor even when it is dry. I am very, very pleased with the result. Totally different machine. My kids say it looks cool too. Thanks again for your product. I really like what it has done to the Mule. ”

- Bob Gregor, Bellingham, WA