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Essex's "Snap-On" Windshield
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Snaps in place in less than a minute,
Durable plastic Windshields are a quick and easy way to add front protection to your UTV. Ten years ago ESSEX Developed our unique Flexible plastic sleeves that attach the windshield to the frame of the vehicle. This snap on system makes a clean, finished look that is safe to trailer. We have refined and proven our mounting system on many brands of UTV's and currently have over 25,000 installed. See a few examples below or click your brand on the left.

Our Hinged joint for the 3000 Mule Windshield and 4000 Mule Windshield flips up to access the hood storage compartment. The bottom of our windshield are contoured to the hood and sealed with a bulb gasket.

NOTE:Essex reputation for a durable, high quality and low cost windshield system is in large part due to the lack of holes drilled for fasteners into the acrylic window panels. Bolts, rivets and clamps secured through the crystalline acrylic create pressure points that break it

Made of tough "Stubble Guard" compound for longer tread life, Kevlar-belted for puncture resistance, and "run-flat" reinforced sidewalls... Essex's "SureFoot" brand is made specifically for todays large Utility Quads - to, Take you were you want to go; and Bring you Back...

New this fall, the 25-10-12 is a more smooth and lighter tire built around the proven 589MT design. For a smooth running All-Purpose tire for On and Off-road travel, choose the 26" SureFoot. For best off-road performance in mud, snow and rock choose the 27" SureFoot Kit, built on the proven Titan tread pattern.

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